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On the 2nd of March 2013, King James II opened its doors for business. It combined the reputation and track record of one of South Africa's biggest independent agencies with the creative firepower of two of South Africa's top creatives.

King James II was born from the wish to start a creatively strong, autonomous Johannesburg-based advertising agency.

We believe that great ideas have the ability to make a real difference to the businesses of their clients and the perception of their consumers, and that the most successful business relationships and the best work is built on mutual trust.

This teapot was the third founding partner of an agency named Two Men & A Teapot™.

The two men in question were Creative Founding Partners Rob McLennan and Graeme Jenner whilst the teapot played the role of Operations & Traffic Manager.

This small agency would later expand to become King James II.

These are the words that we live by.

In fact, we feel so strongly about them that they are printed on the wall and are the first thing every staff member sees when they arrive in the morning.

Have fun.

Aim high and wide. Be resilient. Be discontent.
Do the best you can. Don’t compromise.
Execute brilliantly. Don’t make excuses.
Be tough on yourself. Don’t be scared to fail.
Go higher than what you aimed for.
Go where no one has gone before.
Get better at things you’re not good at.
Be someone people can learn from.
Remind yourself, ideas are everywhere
and there are a lot of them. Make the best,
most original work you can. Work with
the people that will make your work happen.
Work with the people that will make your
work better. Stay true to your values.
Bend over backwards, never forwards. Be respectful.
Don’t work with people who disrespect who we are.
Only choose business that will allow us to be
a better agency. Never chase the money,
because money can’t buy you love.
Do what’s best for the brand, not what’s best for the client.
Believe our work can make a difference.
Know the best is still to come.

Have fun.

Established in 1998, King James Group is an independent South African agency made up of seven specialist companies and divisions that work in tandem.

Everything starts with a bold idea, and where that idea comes from in the group is irrelevant. In our experience, the best ideas have a flammable quality. Everyone that encounters it wants to add to it, with interest, and in doing so the idea is exploded through the group into whichever mediums make it more powerful.

There’s no idea that can’t be had, can’t be acted upon or made better by someone else in the building. We take the most compelling qualities of a brand and make them spectacularly memorable for a world that doesn’t think in media silos.

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